Grow your business now, with a Pay Per Click campaign. We provide you with informed, tested and data-driven campaigns that will give your site more traffic, more conversions, and more sales.

We’ve already told you that when you’re trying to grow your business online, good SEO and better content are a necessity. But even still these strategies are a slow process, and the results take time you don’t have. A PPC campaign can be just the jump start you need to start getting more leads from relevant customers ready to give you their business.

Our PPC Campaigns include ads multiple platforms including Google, Bing, Amazon, and wherever else your customers might be. This approach ensures that you get the most visibility for your budget.

Our PPC Process

  • PPC Evaluation and Competitor Analysis:

    When we begin planning your campaign, we start by looking into you, your budget, your services, and your competition. From this, we can figure out about where your competition is spending their money, how much they might be paying for their ads, what their ad copy is, and how their landing pages look. If you are already doing PPC campaigns or have done them in the past, we will look at your campaign, evaluate it and see how we can get you even better results.

  • Key Word Identification:

    From there we research how your customers are searching for your business and similar services. Doing this helps us identify the keywords your potential leads are using to find you and where we can best build campaigns that will boost your business.

  • Landing Page Setup and Optimization:

    From the moment a visitor clicks on your ad, you need to make sure that the page that they land on is exactly what they’re looking for, and works towards converting them into your next customer. To help convert them, we build out custom landing pages for the keywords they search. These landing pages contain the information relevant to the product or service they’re looking for, and a strong call to action, so you get higher conversions.

  • Ad Creation:

    Now that you know what they’re looking for, and have a place for them to go, you need an Ad that interrupts, and engages them. Using the research, we started with; we identify the things about your business that make you stand out from the competition and use that information to create effective ads.

  • Ad Words Conversion Tracking Setup:

    Now that you have the campaign set up, we can show you how many clicks are converting into real leads! We work with you to determine what you want to consider a conversion so we can set this up appropriately. Whether you’re looking for sales, calls, downloads, or email sign ups, this data helps evaluate the campaigns and helps us optimize them for better results.

  • Campaign Launch:

    Now that we finally have a campaign set up its time to make sure everything is working, all the settings are correct, and your budget is set up. Once a campaign is set up, its time to get started on generating new leads and increasing sales!

  • Monitoring Performance:

    To make sure a campaign is working as intending we monitor all our campaigns closely, checking for CTR (Click Through Rates), Avg cost per click, keyword cost, and how your users are behaving. This monitoring generates the necessary data to evaluate how your campaigns are performing.

  • Review and Analysis:

    Once we have the data it’s time to see what it says. Our team will analyze this data and determine what’s working, what’s not, and how to make things work better.

  • PPC Optimization:

    As you run a campaign it is important that we continually monitor and optimize over its lifespan. Our focus is on converting more customers and finding out what works best for that purpose.

This is the process that we use on all our PPC campaigns. If you’re interested in getting started, get in contact with us today.