Brand Strategy

Your brand is not just your name; it’s your identity as a business, and reputation it carries. It can’t be born with instant popularity, and it can’t grow without a branding strategy to support it.

When trying to decide what and how to develop your brand, it’s always good to start with the basics:

  • Who are you as a company?
  • Who are you reaching out to?
  • How can you reach this audience?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they gain from your product?
  • Where do you advertise?
  • How do you communicate your branding message? When?

A well-defined brand communicates itself clearly and consistently. It includes everything from its voice, look, feel and quality and help build its recognizability and reputation.

Keep in mind your branding strategy is meant to keep your advertising concise and relevant. The better it hits the mark more customers will come to trust your brand.

Building trust, or brand equity, makes it easier for customers to pick you over your competition. Finding the sweet spot in your advertising helps them associate your business with the quality and experience they’re looking for.

Logo Design

Logo Design

A strong logo should distill your business’s identity into a single, distinct, versatile, simple and memorable image. Whether it sits on your business card, storefront, company vehicle or work shirt, you need a logo you can be proud of. Your logo should represent qualities you want to be associated with your business with simple imagery, speaking to the customer emotionally.

Working from what you learned when you explored what type of brand you what when you are designing a logo for your business you need to ask yourself a few questions to find your business’s identity:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What qualities do you want to communicate through this logo? Is it tough and rugged or is it soft and feminine? Is it sleek and steely or rustic and vintage?
  • Is your logo versatile? Does your logo look good no matter what size it’s shown at?

Logo design is putting a face to a name and an identity impressing on people within the span of a glance.

Identity Packages and Print Design

Logo Design

Sometimes the best way to impress someone is to put something in their hands. Whether it’s for your in-office use, presentational materials or brochures, your business is as much a physical entity as it is digital. Ad campaign? Customized office supplies? No problem!

We understand a good first impression opens many doors and opportunities. Ranging anywhere from business cards to a graphic wrap for your company car, we know it pays to look good, and we offer premium quality printing fulfillment no matter the size!

Print Ads and Web Banners

A well-designed ad can communicate the true essence and strongest selling point of your product or service. It can be a power marketing tool, especially when it comes to sales and first impressions.

We offer services to design web banners, billboards, and magazine advertisements. We work with you to create the ad that you want and reach the customers you want.