WJF Marketing Group is an Atlanta based Marketing Agency that is dedicated to making their clients stand out from the competition. Most Advertising And Marketing Professionals Simply Want To Sell Themselves… We’re Different. We’d Rather Introduce A Marketing System That Produces Quantifiable Results For Your Business. In Simple English – Your Advertising Should Sell Something!

Here’s Our Game-Plan

When our company was started in 2001, we wanted to take all we had learned about marketing, advertising, and business development and create a step-by-step system for marketing any product or service. At the time, a systematic and strategic approach just didn’t exist. But we knew that we could create one, and with a system in place, we could show companies how to get predictable results. This vision is not only unique, but it’s what drives our agency to seek companies that share in our desire to create a new methodology for business and marketing success… we work with you to produce measurable results: If we don’t produce results, we don’t get paid!

Our Philosophy

At WJF Marketing Group, we understand that considering a marketing agency to help grow your business is an exciting, rewarding, and nerve-wracking experience. We also understand that you, the business owner, have many choices when selecting a marketing agency. It’s our goal to provide you the best possible experience. We are dedicated to impleme

In order to make this vision a reality, we asked our customers what they wanted from a marketing professional, what their expectations were, what would make them feel more comfortable throughout the process, how we could serve them better. As a result, we have eliminated many of the problems people experience when trying to decide who they should trust when developing their comprehensive marketing systems.